Steam rooms

Our steam rooms come in a variety of shapes and sizes - from compact one or two-bather cabins for existing bathrooms to magnificent rooms for up to 20 bathers. They are manufactered in prefabricated wall and roof sections in vacuum-formed, high-tech special plastic, with doors and windows in tempered safety glass.

Relax in the warm embrace of soothing steam ....

Cosseted in clouds of water vapour, the gentle heat and high humidity seem to massage your body, increasing blood circulation and relaxing tense muscles. The cleansing steam penetrates deep to leave your skin softer and smoother and to leave you feeling refreshed and invigorated long after your bath has finished. A luxurious steam bath raises the standard of public bathing and recreational facilities a good few notches, becoming a natural complement to saunas in hotels, clubs, companies - and, of course, a dream in the family home or apartment.