The Sauna and Steam Guy

So, the question is .....

Which one is better, a sauna or a steam room?

It all depends, on what your goal is, but based on the core benefits, it looks like sitting in a sauna is going to be your best bet. Simply because of the higher temperature, and that is going to elicit a lot more positive effects, than just the sweating alone.

A Steam room is great, because you’re going to sweat a lot more, which is great if, your sole purpose is detoxing. But if your purpose is detoxing, elevating your mood, reducing muscle stiffness and reducing inflammation, then… your best bet is to get more bang for the buck, in a shorter amount of time, in a hotter environment by sitting, in a sauna.


I hope that this information, will help with a tough situation,

of choosing the best option,

So that YOU, can get the MOST out of your DAY,

The MOST out of your BUSINESS,

And the MOST out of your WORKOUTS!

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